Wooden Hutch Spacious Design Hen Nest With A Ventilation Resting Room

This hutch provides a safe environment for your small animal friends, while allowing you to move them from a cozy enclosed space to an outdoor backyard quickly and conveniently; Gabled asphalt roof increases weather protection, as well as offers a rustic style.

This wooden hutch is made from fully treated and grooved fir wood; Waterproof sloping asphalt roof and ecofriendly paint make this structure ideal for outdoors.

This hutch fits approximately 2-3 chickens and provides your pets with an exercise space while the tight galvanized mesh helps prevent mischievous behaviors and unexpected accidents;

The grid enclosure also ensures that you can keep an eye on your pets while enabling them to enjoy their surroundings and get fresh air. The upper resting room that is accessed through the ramp is equipped with a ventilated mesh door which provides a cozy and private shelter to make your beloved pets safe, comfortable and relaxed; It also comes with a pull-out tray for easy clean.


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