Wine & Beverages Cooling Refrigerator Dual Zone For Extra Storage

We are offering you an elegant wine and beverage cooler with two separate storage zones, which will help you keep all your beverages at the suitable temperature and make the most of your drink enjoyment.

Made of lifelong Stainless Steel, in the classic glass French-door design, our drinks cooler also features an interior blue LED lighting that will brighten your room atmosphere. Easily install it under the counter, or use it as a built-in or freestanding unit and proudly display your drinks collection!

Use it in your home kitchen, dining room or bar and let it make a conversation topic among your guests!This beverage fridge with energy-saving compressors ensure quiet performance while keeping your drink at the optimum temperature.

Our Beverage and Wine Cooler offers evenly cooled space for your cans and bottles with minimized vibration. Your bottles can lay quietly and safe in the cooler. You can also enjoy the quietness with your guest sitting by the cooler.


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