Wheelchair Antislip Aluminum Ramps Extra Wide Mobility Foldable Loading Ramps

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps Lightweight Aluminum Ramp for Easy Using Without Assisting. Durable Aluminum Construction Supports Up to 600 Lbs Capacity.

Fast set up, just open it and ready to use. No installation required.

Non-slip Wheelchair Ramps For Home Anti-slip skid resistant tape for maximum traction even in bad weather; unique bottom grip for preventing the ramp from slipping; safety pins for locking and landing attachment.

Portable Wheelchair Ramp With Handle for Easy Transporting Has a handle for easy carrying. Carries like a suitcase. And you can take with them when visiting family.

Versatile Wheelchair Ramps: A life-saver for your family. Loading ramps are ideal for transferring any wheeled vehicle.


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