Stainless Steel Candle Light Holder Durable Elegant Appearance, Windproof Glass

It is Made of stainless steel and glass, it is not easy to damage ,Durable glass, convenient, beautiful, practical.This candlestick is not only beautiful, but also practical, it can illuminate your home , It can also be paired with flowers to make it more attractive, which is perfect for romantic evenings or home decoration. ITS BOUND TO CREATE a stately impression whenever in use and also serves as a luxurious gift for a wedding, anniversary, housewarming or any special occasion.

This beautiful Cande light offers your home decor a touch of sophistication and charm, makes the ideal display during holidays as well!This is a best gift to give on any occasion, be it mothers day, fathers day, labor day, Christmas, Easter, baby showers, birthday, etc.

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