Small Mosquito Killer Eco-Friendly For Indoor Mosquito Trap

suitable for all situations.Good quality and long lifetime. Say Goodbye to painful bites.No harm to your health. Super mute for both pregnant women and babies.No need to spray chemical mosquito repellent and other liquids release. It will get a better effect on a closed space. Mosquito is active after five o’clock in the evening, remember to open your mosquito lamp in advance if you are going to use this in your bedroom. When you are not home, the mosquito likes to stay in the damp or dark places (such as the bathroom, kitchen and utility room, etc). The USB mosquito killer will be more effective in these places.

Customer Feedback and they are loving the product !! Good quality and long life time, No harm to health no need to spray chemical it’s totally safe also sound less and light is calm. Can use it in bedroom, hall, kitchen. It really works good and I didn’t saw any insects in my room.

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