Slide Inflatable Bounce House Castle Moonwalk Jumper Bouncer Castle Theme for Kids

In this charming royal castle, kids can bounce, climb, slide and play basketball. Bouncing room has inside wide jumping area.

Interior climbing wall, with safety steps and handles, leads up to the slide. Equipped with netting on top of the slide platform with high railing and reinforced stitching.

Exclusive extra elastic flooring gives more bouncing freedom. Strong mesh enclosure with large supporting columns provide a safe steady base for more bouncing fun.

All Inflatables are designed to release air pressure through the seams and material. It is normal to feel or hear air escaping or see bubbles in the water parks. Pin holes are a normal part of the manufacturing process, and are not a cause for concern.

Perfect gift idea for children to stay fit and active. Physical exercise and interaction with friends to replace screen time.

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