Sharp Edges Maarten Knife

This knife is designed to match the burden steadiness of ergonomics, most consolation and greatest manipulation. the road of the deal with is in excellent contact with palm, so it has good grip if you utilizing it, lowering your wrist fatigue. nice multipurpose- slicing bread, cake, bagels, baguettes, boules, brioche, pastries, fruits, greens, sushi, steak and different tender meals. not just for bakers or house kitchen, but in addition appropriate for professional cooks. non-slip handle-the bread knife specializing in non slipping to enhance practicality although there may be oil or water on the floor. meals -safe coating-comparing with conventional knives,designed with food-grade black coating to enhance robustness, corrosion resistance, cleansing in addition to non-stick, getting experience of the difficulty of reducing the sticking items, comparable to cheese, tomatoes and so forth.


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