Pyramid Gas Patio Heater High Quality Durable Product For Outdoor Hotels Parks Wedding halls

The Pyramid gas heaters are portable outdoor gas heaters and lantern all in one which can be used all year round, as a heater in winter and a lantern in summer.

Leading the way in heating, style, ambience, atmosphere, and appearance, it has been designed and manufactured for the Hospitality industry, specifically to create a magical setting.

Standing at 2.27m tall, when lit the heater produces a real flame encompassed by a glass tube and heats the surrounding area. Metal reflector makes sure heat is directed downwards and outwards. Variable heat output controls make it fully adjustable.\

Features a fully enclosed gas cylinder chamber and safety tip-over switch.

Supplied with regulator and hose assembly for use with propane patio gas bottles. This product should only be used in a well ventilated area.

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