Powerful Jet Spray Heavy Duty High Pressure Nozzle For Washing Car & Cleaning

Adjustable front trigger nozzle features unique flow-through design that maximizes water pressure. To modify water pressure, a front trigger flow control allows a quick adjustment to the flow of water without going back to the faucet. The Adjustable nozzle is fully Adjustable from a light spray to a powerful jet spray. 

Metal body, rust and wear resistant. Unique trademark processing technology demonstrates quality. The classic pistol-style rear control design and tie rod assembly add aesthetics and longevity. Unique structure, reducing frictional resistance and better sealing grease, increasing the number of repeated pulls.

The water flow pattern(mist, shower, jet) can be changed by the grip force of the handle to meet different water requirements. The triangle supports the fixed flow size.The hand doesn’t have to keep exerting force.

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