Portable Air Conditioner Adjustable Speed ,Personal Air Conditioner For Bedroom,Office,Home,Outdoor

Portable Air Conditioner, to cool down no need to wait for the cool, it strikes instantly. Mini air conditioner is made of high-quality ABS+PP materials, and has a blind-like design, which can be used safely at home.Evaporative airs coolers with a three-speed wind speed mode design, you can choose the ideal wind speed. The user-friendly adjustable air outlet design can be adjusted freely up and down to 60° to create your own personal air conditioner.

Desktop mini air conditioner ultra-quiet, it can run vigorously at low noise levels, allowing you to sleep comfortably at an appropriate temperature and low noise, and care for your family’s sleep.

USB portable air conditioner put the water inlet on the top,easy to add water,lasting moisturizing the skin,away from dry air,portable desk air conditioner enjoy the cool summer. air conditioner built-in 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can work continuously for 3-15 hours when fully charged.desktop cooler fans small size, so that air coolers does not take up too much space, and can be placed anywhere in the room.

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