Modern Style Height Adjustable Pneumatic Standing Or Sitting Laptop Desk 27/6 Inches, Home, Office

Our adjustable standing desk is ergonomically designed to help you correct your sedentary habits, reduce the pressure on your back and relieve back and neck pain caused by bad posture.This pneumatic laptop desk use can sit or stand, suitable for speech, meeting, work from home and other occasions, improve the quality of your life and office in many ways.

You can control the height of the table by pressing the handle.It is suitable for office, medical clinics, meeting rooms, training, school, hospital and other places.Our Pneumatic Laptop Desk has ergonomic open chassis support, so that your feet can be placed everywhere. The V-shaped leg design increases the grip of the table on the ground, which makes the table structure more stable the static bearing capacity can reach 176 lbs.

The four casters not only have no damage to the floor, but also can achieve the Trinity function of wear resistance, skid resistance and wear resistance. Casters 2.3 inches high can be tucked under high furniture to save space.

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