LEEIOO Universal Bendable Dashboard Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Strong Adsorption Base-The large area of base adhesive,the base of the mobile phone holder is equipped with a fixed button to exhaust the residual air when the base is installed, making the base more stable and stable. 3M VHB Sticky Adhesive-The base is a large area of 3M adhesive, 3M retention is very good, strong penetration, especially in smooth glass, aluminum alloy, plastic parts are attached to each other. VHB is the strongest adhesive tape in 3M. Knob Down Adjustment-This magnetic car phone holder arm is equipped with a rotary adjustment button, which can be bent down to adjust 90 degrees, no block sight, so that you can completely focus on the road and ensure your driving safety. Safe Driving View-This car vent bracket is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, without a base and bracket, driving will not affect the front line of sight, to a certain extent to ensure the safety of the driver. Powerful Magnetic-The magnetic phone holder uses high-quality adhesive pads and 6 N52 magnets. 6 N52 magnets have super magnetism, the closed-loop structure magnet makes the magnetic force stronger and more concentrated, and does not affect the signal.

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