LEEIOO Universal Air Vent Strong Magnetic Cell Phone Holder 360°

Strong Stability-The mobile phone holder is equipped with a solid spring, and the outer clip is thickened. It can be stably installed in the car vent to avoid the mobile phone frame falling when driving on rough roads. Safe Driving View-This car vent bracket is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, without a base and bracket, driving will not affect the front line of sight, to a certain extent to ensure the safety of the driver. 360° Free Rotation-With the adjustable rotating ball joint, you can rotate your smartphone or device according to your wishes to provide the best viewing angle. Release your hands to make driving and daily use safer and more comfortable. Powerful Thicken Magnet-Six strong magnets are built into the head of the car bracket, and the head packaging is thickened to ensure that it will not fall during driving, including when it is emergency braked. Easy To Install-Insert the car bracket into the ventilation hole, paste the round metal plate directly on the back of the phone, or place the metal plate between the phone and the phone case, and then place the phone on the bracket. (The special shape air vent is not suitable for use)

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