LEEIOO Dashboard & Windshield Mount Car Cell Phone Holder with Automatic Telescopic Fixed for iPhone Samsung

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  • One-key Lock-The head of the car phone holder is equipped with a key lock function. Just put the phone on the head and press the button, the clips on both sides will immediately tighten and fix the phone. The buttons on both sides can slowly release the clip, which is convenient for removing the mobile device.
  • Double Knob Adjustment-The spherical knob on the head can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust the angle, and the knob above the base can be rotated 200 degrees to adjust the direction, whether it is on the instrument panel or the windshield, it is very convenient and practical.
  • Retractable length- The position of the feet is provided with a telescopic adjustment knob, which is convenient to adjust the length of the bracket and achieve a better sight distance.
  • Reinforced Base Button-The base of the mobile phone holder is equipped with a fixed button to exhaust the residual air when the base is installed, making the base more stable and stable.
  • Dashboard & Windshield-The round base is fixed so that the mobile phone holder can be used for the instrument panel or windshield, so that it does not affect the air outlet of the air conditioner, and can adjust the angle and position at multiple angles.

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