LED Grow Light 300w Upgraded Full Spectrum Indoor Plant Grow Light with UV IR LEDs-NEPARTAK

The most effective 8:1 ratio of red and blue light, with which plants will extremely take advantages from the light, growing faster and stronger, especially in seedling period. High quality Epileds LED chips, providing higher lumens and PAR values, and 90 degree optical lenses reduce light loss up to 30%, make plants absorb light energy more efficiently.

Completed heat dissipation system, which consist of temperature controller, built-in aluminium heat-sink, and 2 high speed cooling fans, ensuring safety and longer running time efficiently.

Our led plant grow lights can be used for both hydroponics and indoor plants, home & office gardening, greenhouses, balcony, seed, seedling, breeding, flowers, herb, hydroponics, pot plants, fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, lemon etc.

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