LED Grow Light 300W Dimmable Full Spectrum Plant Grow Lights For Indoor Plants -NEPARTAK

Plant Grow Light through long-term debugging and design, it has a more scientific and effective spectrum. The plant lights can effectively prolong the flowering period. Thus, providing you with high-quality flowers that will obtain an ideal harvest.

The 20%-100% dimming knob can flexibly adjust the brightness of the grow lights, simulating the intensity of outdoor sunlight at different times so that plants can obtain sufficient light for photosynthesis. Plant lights are suitable for all growth stages of indoor plants .

The plant growth lamp adopts high-quality LED lamp beads and the latest light crown penetration technology, which can provide high PPFD & high PAR output while only consuming 120W! With its easy-to-install and height adjustment ready feature, this plant light is very conducive to large-area indoor planting and commercial planting, suitable for both beginners and professional growers. no fans and no noise! The large-area solid aluminum heat sink can speed up the cooling rate and effectively protect the cable. High-security drives and excellent protection systems, so you never need to worry about burning or damaging your plants or factories. Our grow lights have a longer lifespan and are more reliable than traditional grow lights on the market.

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