Large Wooden Outdoor House For Rabbit,Long Lasting / Rooftop / Removable Tray & Ramp

Rabbit cage comes with nesting box, resting box and ramp, providing ample space for your lovely rabbits. There is a sliding ramp that allows poultry to easily enter the raised housing area. There are wooden ridges above the ramp to prevent your poultry from slipping off.

The elevated perch keeps your poultry safe, dry and warm, especially on cold and rainy days. They are also handy in the heat as they are protected from the sun and can easily access their nesting boxes without exposure to harsh light.

Made from natural pine wood and painted with an eco-friendly waterproof and non-toxic varnish. The original wood is firm and natural for your beloved pet. Thanks to the eco-friendly paint, the cage is waterproof, anti-corrosion and also UV-resistant, offering long-lasting service life to provide a warm house for pets all the time.

There is a removable bottom sliding tray for easy cleaning. High-quality mesh fence provides a healthy lifestyle for poultry. Fences are vital for poultry ventilation, they will also protect your poultry from outside predators. With the sloped roof that can be easily opened, your poultry can go outside even on rainy days.

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