Lanbo Office Desk Chair With Lumbar Support For Office, Study, Room

To reduce back tension and lumbar pressure, the Lanbo office desk chair created in ergonomic design and aims to fit many people’s sitting needs during a long time of working. L-shaped design helps you sit upright more easily and helps you focus on work. If you want to have a better nap after working for a long time, you can hold the tilt control and lie down slowly to reach the position you enjoy and then push the tilt control back. Smoothly rolling wheels help you move to anywhere you like quickly and silently.The height and the angle of the headrest can be adjusted. The highest height is 3.5 inches tall and the adjustable range is up to 80°, which meets your most requirements for working or resting.

Customers said that sitting at a desk for long hours might not be the most exciting way to spend the work day, unless you’re sitting in the most comfortable office chair and this is the one they were looking for comfortable, reduce back pain highly recommended!!.

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