Lanbo Office Desk Chair Flexible Armrest User-Friendly High Back Support Office Chair

The Lanbo office chair can hold up to 386 pounds of weight. The Lanbo support is made of high-quality stainless steel and cover by durable nylon. It is heavy and gives you better and long-time support while focusing on work.

The high back support is created for reducing back pressure and used a C-shaped design. Using more sponge at the place of the back and less sponge at the upper back for better heat dissipation.

The desk chair not only can be lifted up or down, but also can be moved forward or backward. It is convenient to adjust the seat when you need different positions. It can be moved forward up to 2.6 inches long.

The mesh chair equipped with a multi-position adjustable back support, which you can reach the most comfortable position easily. 5 swivel wheels are quiet and run smoothly. The designed back pattern makes the computer chair look unique and modern.

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