ITEHIL AAA Rechargeable High Capacity Batteries For Household, Clock, Flashlight, Office Device

Still worrying the disposable battery quickly runs out? ITEHIL’s newly upgraded rechargeable and continuous use of Ni-MH batteries are durable, powerful and safe, which will become a great helper for your home and solve your electricity worries.

ITEHIL Rechargeable AAA batteries are pre-charged. Its capacity is up to 1100mAh, which can meet your need in long time using. 1 ITEHIL 2700mAh AAA battery can be re-charged and used up to 1200 time. Disposable battery can only be used once. It has constant voltage charging system, which is strong and a steady stream of power supply. ITEHIL smart battery can be used in extreme weather. LSD smart design, low self-discharge, can keep 85% of the electricity after 1 year,under the condition of at 20°C (68°F).

Rechargeable AAA batteries are suitable for daily devices, such as toys, TV remote controls, clock, flashlights, game controllers, Shaver, keyboard etc. One ITEHIL AA battery can solve your daily problems in power.


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