High Quality Portable Mini Dishwasher Small Size Large Capacity For Home & Restaurant

This dishwasher has 3 smart washing modes and 360° three-dimensional cleaning. It cleans every tiny gap in the tableware, so that there is no place for stains to hide, which is more convenient than hand washing.

Portable dishwasher, using high-temperature steam in the inner tank to promote physical condensation and drying, reduce mold and odor in the machine, 1200W high power, fast cleaning speed, energy saving and time saving, and improve the cleaning effect.

Compact dishwasher, 75°C hot air drying, to reject the secondary growth of bacteria, quickly dry the residual moisture of the tableware, inhibit the growth of bacteria, and keep the tableware dry and clean.

This desktop dishwasher, with one-button dishwashing and convenient operating procedures, is very suitable for small houses, apartments, dormitories, boats and campers’ RVs. Our small dishwasher can not only clean tableware, but also use the comprehensive cleaning function of the dishwasher to quickly remove the crevices and dirt in fruits, vegetables and seafood.

Portable dishwasher, large capacity, dishwashing, washing, removing, drying and storing in one, fast cleaning, energy saving and time saving, is a good helper for your kitchen.


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