Handheld palm-size Inkjet Printer v4ink BENTSAI BT-HH6105B2 – New tool to print production date

[Product Features] -The wireless and lightweight handheld inkjet printer BT-HH6105B2 can print on virtually any surface. -You can upload images or logos to print, or type the text directly on the LED display. -Easy operation and perfect for labelling packages, E-commerce barcode printing, Expiration Dates on supplements or food, labelling and relabeling warehouse bins, or printing on all sorts of surfaces for arts and crafts.

[Detail Specifications] -Weight: 0.99 lb (with battery) -Print Effect: 600DPI -Print Dimension: 0.09 inch to 0.5 inch height & 1-5 lines adjustable -Ink: 42ml Fast Dry Ink -Printing Contents: text, numbers, symbols, QR-codes, barcodes, pictures, time, date, DIY logos, tags, etc. -Printing Materials: Water-absorbing and almost any porous surfaces, such as glass, cement, wood, plastic, cloth, fabrics, metal, leather, and much more.

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