Grill Grate Outdoor Fire Pit Table Spark Show Multifunctional Table

The outdoor fire pit table is made of high quality steel which is stable and durable. The black heat-resistant coating also ensures your safe use. It will have a long service life outside and keep corrosion resistant.

The fire pit is designed with clear patterns and faux stone line design on the tabletop which is elegant and fashionable. We leave a suitable distance from the center of the table for you to enjoy barbecue, party and chat time with your friends safely.

The wood burning fireplace is equipped with high quality safe mesh lid to protect you from being hurt by sparks or debris. And the heat resistant coating inner bowl and poker make you use more easy. Longer lasting fire for better heating while minimizing smoke. Air circulation adjustment inside the bowl making it easy to light your fireplace.

The square heater is easy to install with the clear assembly instructions. It is also portable, you can take it with you and easily install it anywhere you need it. We also offer a waterproof cover to protect your fire pit from rain, wind, dust, and rust.

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