Full Spectrum Sea Coral Light Waterproof Smart Light -NEPARTAK

If you’re not keeping corals and only have fish in the aquarium, this light is for you. You can easily adjust the four channels of LED’s to provide a combination of light that shows off your fishes colors. Your Frogspawn, Torch, Bubble, Hammer,Candy, Duncan, Galaxea, Pagoda Chalice, Acanthastrea, Favia, Favites, Elegance and other medium light corals will thrive at 12-18 In. with the Edge fixture. \

Grow Mushrooms, Polyps, Zoanthid Polyps, Xenia, Toadstool, Kenya Trees, Green Star Polyps, Button Polyps and other low light corals at depths of up to 24 In. with the Edge fixture. This waterproof aquarium light unit is IPX7 waterproof rated to 1 meter on all EDGE WiFi LED fixtures within 30 minutes. This also means you can rinse the fixture at your sink for easy cleaning.


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