Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet With Open Shelves Multipurpose Cabinet For Living/Office

Made of high-quality MDF and metal fittings, this storage cabinet has a sturdy frame structure to ensure stability and durability. In addition, the smooth surface with premium paint, the floor storage cabinet is waterproof and wear-resistant, and allows it to work well in environments such as bathroom..

This storage cabinet can vertically expand the storage space in the home while taking up a small space. Open shelve, and a cabinet below provide flexible storage options for your books, towels, and other items. A good storage solution to keep your home organized.

Equipped with an anti-tampo device, this sturdy storage cabinet can be fixed to the wall for added security. And the drawer has a stopper inside, so there is no need to worry about pulling out the entire drawer due to excessive force. In addition, the reasonable height and open design of the floor cabinet for easy access to storage items.

The storage cabinet is very easy to assemble with instructions. We will provide all quality screws and other hardware needed for mounting and detailed instructions for installation. Just follow the instructions and you can assemble it quickly..


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