Ergonomic Office Desk Chair High-Density Sponge Seat Comfortable Headrest

High-Density Sponge Seat: The seat is covered by a breathable black mesh and made of a great quality sponge, which can give soft but enough support for you. It is easy to move the position of the seat. You just need to pull out the seat control, then you can adjust it forward or backward.

Comfortable Headrest: Like the soft seat, this headrest is made of a high-density sponge and covered with a mesh. The headrest is flat, which can give you more support. The height of it can be adjusted as your needs, which can be moved up or down easily. Quality Made: The seat support and lumbar support are made from great stainless steel. They look bright and sleek, and you will feel how great quality it is when you take them. The weight capacity of it is 386 lbs.

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