Elegant Design Decorative Tray And A Tissue Holder A Perfect Combination

This is a beautiful combination of classic tray and a tissue paper holder this combination can be perfect one for your drawing room home decor or can even be gifted Whether you’re looking for a practical way of serving your coffee, tea or desserts to your guests or you simply want to add an elegant, colourful touch to your coffee table décor, this coffee tray is the perfect solution! Wooden tray for kitchen counter.

This decorative tray features a gorgeous black, gold and green color combination, earthly tones with a modern, elegant design, being easy to mix and match with any décor. An ideal centerpiece for your living room, coffee table decor, dining area and couch tray.

They are very handsome and handy. These tissues can be removed from their original packaging and placed into this tissue holder. They are very well-made matte finish add a nice decorating touch to your bathrooms, restaurant, office, household, automotive. This is one of the best “home decorating”.

The soft material makes it attractive sturdy and durable. The tissue box is well made, solid and perfectly finished to complement your decor, this box fits easily into any decor. Tissues are easily inserted as the bottom opens up to take the box or a pile of tissues.
This tissue holder is well made outside and its well lined inside, add a nice decorating touch to your office,home, bedroom and bathroom. And because the opening in the top isn’t gaping wide, the tissues stand up when pulled out, instead of falling back into the holder like some other models.

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