Candle Flame Top Shape Cork String Lights For Indoor Decorations & Events-NEPARTAK

Upgrade Cork Lights With Flame Top design. When you turn on the lights, the candle flame and Led string will make a Swaying effect. Not only create a Graceful Gentle Peaceful Warm Romantic, but also the best Way to Recycling Bottles for All Occasions you want.

Pull Out the Insulation Strip, Put the Light Strings into Bottles, and Switch the Button to Turn on/off the Light. The Size Fits Most Bottles. Cork Diameter: 0.65 Inch to 0.9 Inch, Fit Most Wine Bottles, Whiskey Bottles, Beer Bottles and Other Bottles.Pack with a Mini Screwdriver. Simply Change New Batteries for daily use to Enjoy Amazing Glaring Fairy. Each Cork Light has a Soft Switch Button on the top, which can be easily pressed and switch to Each Mode. Our bottle lights fit into the top of all wine bottle,and the String is Flexible, easy to Bent and Shaped,just decorate empty bottle .

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