Battery Rechargeable, ITEHIL 1.2V High Capacity Ni-MH Triple A Batteries

ITEHIL Rechargeable AA Battery, 2700mAh High Capacity Double A Battery, 1.2V Pre-charge Ni-MH AA Battery, Long Lasting Batteries for Household, Clock, Flashlight, Office (8 Count)(Charger Not Include) 2700mAh Large Capacity: ITEHIL Rechargeable AA batteries are pre-charged. Its capacity is up to 2700mAh, which is higher than most common batteries on market. LSD smart lock technology, low self-discharge, can keep 85% of the electricity after 1 year, under the condition of at 20°C (68°F). Powerful Recharge: Advanced technology makes more than 80% of the capacity remains after 500 cycles of use. Therefore,compared with disposable alkaline batteries, ITEHIL rechargeable AA batteries are very cost-effective. Ni-MH AA Battery: Compared with traditional batteries, Ni-MH Battery is made from eco-friendly material which is recylceld. Under the same conditions, Ni-MH batteries are lighter and have a longer lifespan than normal batteries. Multiple Usage: Rechargeable AA batteries are suitable for most daily devices, such as toys, TV remote controls, clock, flashlights, game controllers, shaver, keyboard etc. One ITEHIL AA battery can solve most of your daily problems in power. Smart Protection&Perfect Service: Intelligent automatic safety valve design can protect your devices well. You will get 8 AA rechargeable batteries and worry-free aftersale service. Anytime you can use our AA batteries with confidence. Any question,we will reply within 12 hours ASAP.


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