Bathroom Laundry Hamper Bamboo Storage Durable & Unique Design

Our laundry basket is made of strong fabric and bamboo, durable and lightweight, and can be used frequently for a long time. We do not allow pungent odors on laundry day.The laundry box has a lid that can hide the daily dirty clothes, so that the dirty clothes can be neatly stored in the laundry cart, and it is not harmful to the smell.

The lightweight frame remains stable even without clothing. When not in use, it can be folded to save space and is easy to carry and store. The aluminum alloy handle can easily carry dirty clothes to the laundry room.The laundry has enough space and can be easily placed in most bathrooms or bedrooms.

Wide range of uses.The storage bag can not only store clothes, but also has multiple storage functions such as toys and towels. It is suitable for bathroom, toilet, laundry room, living room and bedroom, helping to clean the environment.

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