A Friendly Nighttime Assistant Smart Motion Sensor Easy, Safe & Convenient Light

Solve all your “can’t see in the dark” problems! Never trip again on bathroom breaks in the middle of the night. Vont’s Motion Sensor Night Light makes your path visible without having to press any switch. Just stick and go!! These night lights can be sticked on almost anywhere inside your house! It has a light sensor too that turns the motion sensor off whenever the environment has enough light.

Place them inside your closets or under your bathroom and kitchen sinks to help you find things you usually look for with a flashlight! These lights will only turn on with movement and will automatically turn off after 15-30 seconds. Do your kids or roommates leave the lights on too often? Each of these little lights run on 3 AAA batteries and will last up to 3 months, they will practically pay for themselves with the savings you’ll get on your next bills!

Every product we produce undergoes strict quality control to assure safety to consumers and the environment. This Motion Sensor Night Light is no exception.Long life-span LEDs provide just the right amount of lighting to guide you in the dark. 


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