39” Length Furniture Style Pet Dog Crate Cage End Table with Wooden Structure and Iron Wire -SARIKA

Description This elegant dog cage is manufactured with solid wooden structure and strong iron wire, and the sorrel color wooden frame represents rigor and graceful, and it will be a stable and durable pet furniture certainly. It would be a perfect choice for your dogs or cats. With classic design and multiple functions, this good-looking dog cage can be used as a end table or console in your living room or office. In order to ensure the smooth movements, this dog cage has four casters that with traditional style lock to meet different needs. The great load-bearing capacity of this pet cage allow the medium-sized dogs stay inside safely.  

The elegant dog cage furniture is an excellent addition to any dog owner’s home. The cage is designed with a sorrel color wooden structure that is strong and durable. It is also fitted with sturdy iron wires that ensure your dog is safe and secure when inside. The classic style of the furniture is practical and can fit in perfectly with any home decor, adding an extra touch of elegance to the living room, office, or bedroom. The dog cage is not just a cage, it can also serve as an end table or console table. This makes it not only ideal for your dog’s safety and comfort but also a functional piece of furniture for your home. The classic sorrel color of the furniture allows it to blend seamlessly with any color scheme, making it a perfect decoration item for your living space. This dog cage furniture offers an excellent solution for those who are looking for a stylish and practical way to house their pets. It is not just for small dogs, but also for larger dogs who need a comfortable and secure place to rest. The furniture is easy to clean, and the lockable door ensures that your dog is safe and secure when inside. The elegant dog cage furniture is not just a piece of furniture; it is a statement of style and sophistication. It shows that you care about your pet’s comfort and safety while also keeping up with the latest trends in home decor. The furniture is also ideal for those who live in small apartments or don’t have space for a dedicated dog area. It can be positioned in any room and can easily blend in with the rest of the furniture. In conclusion, the elegant dog cage furniture is a must-have for any dog owner who wants to provide their pet with a safe and comfortable place to rest while also keeping up with the latest trends in home decor. The classic sorrel color and sturdy wooden structure make it a functional and elegant piece of furniture for any living space.

This dog cage is more than just an ordinary pet accessory. It is a long-lasting structure that was designed with both stability and durability in mind. Its elegant design is a combination of a traditional wooden structure, metal wire, and a secure lock mechanism. This premium pet cage is built to last and can comfortably accommodate medium-sized dogs. One of the most significant features of this cage is its reliability. Unlike other inferior pet cages, this one does not have any dangerous sharp edges that could potentially harm your pet. It is a safe and secure cage that guarantees the safety of your furry friend. Whether you have a playful puppy or a mature dog, this cage is sturdy enough to withstand their playful nature without any risk of deformation. It is essential to note that while the wooden structure is durable, it is not chew-proof. Dogs are known to have a natural inclination to chew on things, and this cage is not an exception. If your pet is a heavy chewer, it is recommended to keep an eye on them while inside the cage to avoid any damage to the structure. In conclusion, this elegant dog cage is not only stylish but also reliable and sturdy. It is a perfect pet accessory for pet owners who value quality and durability. The combination of wood and metal wire creates an excellent balance between style and functionality, making it an excellent addition to any home. With its traditional lock mechanism, this cage ensures the safety of your furry friend while providing them with a comfortable and secure space to call their own.

Pet owners understand the importance of providing a comfortable and safe environment for their furry friends. This is where functional casters come in handy. Dog cages with functional casters offer the convenience of mobility, allowing pet owners to move their pets around without much hassle. The classic style dog cage is a great example of a functional caster. It is designed with four casters, each equipped with a brake that locks the wheels and stops them from rolling effortlessly. The four brake wheels offer 360-degree rotation, ensuring that the cage moves freely in any direction. The moveable function of the cage allows pet owners to change the living environment for their dogs or cats depending on different needs. For instance, if you need to clean a specific area, you can move your pet to a different location without disturbing their routine. You can also place the cage in a sunny or shaded spot depending on the weather conditions. This flexibility ensures that your pet remains comfortable at all times. Functional casters also come in handy when traveling with your pet. When on the road, you can effortlessly move the cage from the car to the hotel room or any other location, providing a safe and familiar environment for your pet. This is especially useful when traveling long distances or when your pet is anxious and needs a stable environment. In conclusion, functional casters play an essential role in making pet ownership more convenient and comfortable. A classic style dog cage with four casters and brake wheels is an excellent example of this. The cage’s moveable function allows pet owners to change their pets’ living environment depending on their needs, ensuring that their furry friends are comfortable and safe at all times.

This elegant dog cage is an ideal option for pet owners who desire a secure and comfortable space for their furry friends. The traditional styled lock ensures that your dog is safe and secure within the cage at all times. The circular arc design of this dog cage is not only aesthetically pleasing but also prevents potential accidents by protecting infants and small children from sharp edges. This makes it possible to place the dog cage in any room of your choice, including the bedroom or living room, without any worries about the safety of your child. The stability of the dog cage is guaranteed due to its reinforced wooden structure with small screws connected to iron plates. This ensures that the cage is durable and can withstand the weight of a medium-sized dog, with the bottom plate having a load-bearing capacity of 125lbs. The cage roof also has the same load-bearing capacity, ensuring that your dog is secure and comfortable in their space. In addition to the reinforced structure, the size of the dog cage is also significant. With dimensions of 38.6”L*25.2”W*29.6”H, there is plenty of room for your pet to move around and stretch their legs. The length inside the cage is 35”, providing ample space for your pet to relax and settle in comfortably. This makes it an excellent option for pet owners who want to provide their pets with a cozy space that mimics their natural habitat while keeping them safe and secure. In conclusion, this elegant dog cage is a perfect combination of style and functionality. The traditional lock and circular arc design ensure the security of your pet while protecting infants and small children from sharp edges. The reinforced wooden structure guarantees stability and durability, making it an excellent option for pet owners who want to provide their furry friends with a comfortable and secure space. The size of the cage is also significant, providing ample space for your pet to move around and relax. Overall, this dog cage is a considerate design that meets the needs of both pets and their owners.

The small cage mentioned in the original text may be suitable for small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, or small birds. Its dimensions are 30.7 inches in length, 22.4 inches in width, and 26.8 inches in height, with the interior measuring 29.1 inches. The small cage is placed 2 feet above the ground, which is a suitable height for the pet to be able to move around inside the cage comfortably. When considering a pet’s living space, it’s essential to ensure that it suits the pet’s size and species. For example, smaller pets like hamsters, mice, and gerbils require cages with small bar spacing to prevent them from escaping. It’s also important to consider the pet’s behavior and habits, such as whether they are active climbers or burrowers. Likewise, birds need vertical space to fly, while rabbits need room to hop around and stretch their legs. Moreover, the height of the small cage being the same as that of the large one has significance. If the cages are placed side by side, pets in both cages will be at the same eye level, which will prevent one from feeling intimidated or threatened by the other. This is especially important when introducing new pets to each other, as it will allow them to adjust to each other’s presence without feeling scared or anxious. In conclusion, when providing living quarters for pets, it’s important to consider their size, species, and habits. The cage should be spacious enough for them to move around comfortably and have room for their food and water, toys, and other necessary items. The height of the cage also plays a significant role in the pet’s comfort, especially if they’re sharing their space with other pets.

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