36*1w RGB LEDs Stage Super Bright & Powerful Lights-NEPARTAK

Wireless infrared remote control pack of 1 sets, perfect for DJ sets, parties, dances, stage performances, clubs etc.Super bright & powerful lighting with high quality warranty, safe and reliable. Its light spot on the wall, the effect likes glass ball, very bright and powerful.Heat is also dissipated efficiently thanks to its built-in, ultra-quiet fan.

This Stage light has 36 lamp beads, 12 red 12 green 12 blue,working together creates more different colors.With mounting bracket, lights can be mounted on flood, stand, truss or anywhere you want.LONG LIFESPAM is about 50000 hours,Stable, Small with Smart Appearance, Low Power Consumption.Light will be equipped with a separate remote and the controls on the remote are pretty straight forward and easy to use.

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