18*1W High Brightness Colorful LED RGB Lights Enlighten Your Life-NEPARTAK

Adopts 18 LED High Power Top Grade LEDs with High Brightness, Low Power Consumption and Bright Color, All Led Lamp Quality Steady And Lifetime Between 6000-10000 Hours, Environmental Protection And Energy Saving, Lighting Coverage Bigger. 1-2 Pieces par can lights can light up 30-40 square meters.

Bright Stage Lighting by 1Watt RGBW Par Cans Led (6pcs Red/6pcs Green/6pcs Blue). The Splendid and Shining Stage Light is Showed with Various Color Lights. High-Hardness Plastic Material Make it Light, Durable and Good Cooling Effects. Versatile bright LED lighting with amazing color changes and patterns. It’s perfect for Stage light, Dancing, Party light, Club light, Disco light as well as Wedding.Colorful and very beautiful lighting effect, create complex lighting effects for a warm atmosphere.
They are compact and light weight, very easy to shuttle and carry. With dual handle design, you can easily place the light on walls or ground, and then feel free to adjust the angle of them as needed.


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