12 Egg Adjustable Egg Tray Practical Fully Automatic Poultry Incubator

It is made of durable ABS material, it is a good combination of superior material and delicate workmanship.

Not just beautiful, this 12-Egg Adjustable Egg Tray Practical Fully Automatic Poultry Incubator is a practical gadget in our daily life. Getting rid of traditional boundedness, it is designed into visible style, allowing people to view the whole process of incubation. It could not only meet the date demand of scientific research, but also help to cultivate kids curiosity. It is in mini size, lightweight for easy carry and operation. Once powered on, itll keep stable and continuous working performance. It features steady temperature for best incubation condition.

It is convenient to observe the whole process of hatching eggs, and can meet the research needs of data records, perfect for incubation lessons and demonstrations. Cultivate children’s exploration of life.

This egg tray that can hatch chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, quail eggs and poultry eggs. It fits for home, trainning and laboratory.

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